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Learn How To Sell An Inherited House Fast

Inheriting a house after someone in the family passes away is like a mixed bag! You are sad about losing a family member and happy to receive a gift. There are two options to choose from: one is to keep it, and the other one is to sell it. Unfortunately, selling an inherited property is […]

Can I force my brother to selling inherited house?

It is a prevalent scenario inheriting a house and selling it.Siblings inherit real estate and want different things from the same, what should you do in such situations? The siblings or co-owners of a property may have other ideas about wealth and property. Many times, families make joint decisions about any inherited property. However, sometimes

Are you planning on selling house to avoid probate?

The legal process of inheriting a house involves getting a probate grant from the courts. This means legal fees and delays before the heirs can finally dispose of the property subject to probate. There are many cases where the owners decide to make a meaningful decision and prevent legal heirs’ hardships. They can choose to

Find Out How Long Does Probate Take after House Sale

For most straightforward inheritances where estates have no properties, within 3 to 4 months, the beneficiaries can start receiving their inheritance in their bank account. However, most estates are much more complex and take much more time for the probate process to finish. Estates are always more complicated because they vary widely. Some people only

Everything on can a bank foreclose on a house in probate

Many family members of the deceased who have left behind real estate in Canada are not clear on a lot of things. One of their concerns is; can a bank foreclose on a house in probate. If you are someone that is looking for clarity on this subject, you have come to the right place;

Understand the Probate house sale meaning

What does probate mean when selling a house? House in probate sale is something that you may have come across when looking to buy houses. This could happen when one die intestate without leaving back a will. Under these circumstances, the property is sold by the state, and the proceeds are used to pay the

Do I need probate to sell a house? Read everything here

If the question, Do I need probate to sell a house in Canada has popped in your mind, you are likely either selling a house through probate or planning on selling a house without probate. Whichever it is, you must have a clear understanding of how probate affects a house sale for you to decide.

Can you sell a house during probate or can you sell house before probate is granted

Death in the family is a depressing time. Even though the family members are going through mourning and need to take care of judicial matters, the properties left behind by the deceased need to be fairly distributed amongst the legal heirs; this needs probate from the probate court, even if a will is there.  It

How To Carry Out A Force Sale Inherited House Disabled Sibling

It is a real struggle to deal with the loss of a loved one and worry about the real estate inherited by you and your siblings. Your siblings may either not agree to your terms or feel that they have not been treated fairly. It gives rise to a lot of confusion on whether to

6 Things To Know About An Inherited hoarder house

Have you inherited a house in Canada? Are you excited to see the property? What if it is a hoarder’s house? When it comes to old newspapers, clothes, old bottles, magazines, broken and discarded stuff, etc., you would be right to think of it as junk. However, did you know that some people like to

Thinking Is It better To Sell Or Rent An Inherited House?

Still wondering if it is better to sell or rent an inherited house? The answer does depend on a lot of factors. There are pros and cons of both. It is highly recommended that you do a SWOT analysis before you take a call.   If you inherited a property along with your siblings, it is

Bankruptcy can you be forced to sell your inherited house?

Receiving an inheritance. Financial planning is a very complex matter. Even carefully operated businesses can go bankrupt.  Bankruptcy: can you be forced to sell your inherited house.There are many routes to file a case for discharge for the debt you owe to people and find it impossible to pay back.  An inheritance may seem like

How to sell half an inherited house and convert losses to profits

Have you received an inheritance that includes a part in a house that is also owned by others? It can be particularly perplexing if you are not the only one who has inherited a home. Does this sound too complex to you?  Inherited houses are passed down from a family member (parent or relative). An

Selling an inherited house in Canada: Do you know inherited houses are taxable?

The most important aspect is to understand that there is no inheritance tax in Canada. The person who inherited the home can treat it as his home. In such a case, he has to take over the repairs, insurance, other taxes, etc.  However, if you decide on selling an inherited house in Canada, you will

Expert advice on what to do if you inherited a house with no mortgage

We have heard a lot of people say, “I inherited a house and want to sell it!” or, “I inherited a house now what?” and realized that there are a lot of people in Canada who have inherited a house with no mortgage debt but have no working knowledge or the experience to decide if

Get Cash for Probate House Fast – Read Here To Know More

Selling your house under probate is not something that comes without the accompanying risks. However, you will be glad to know that various realtors in Canada will give you cash for probate house fast. Yes, you heard that right. You will not be expected to make any repairs or deep clean before selling your probate

How can you sell a house before probate easily

Have you received a house from a dear one in a will? Are you stressed out due to the personal loss and at the same time looking for the right legal process to go through? Then here are some things that you should know about how can you sell a house before probate real estate. 

Can you sell a deceased persons house without probate Legally?

What will happen to your house after you have died? Who can sell the home? Do you need to go through probate? If you have made your will, then it will have the name of an executor in it. This person is entrusted to distribute your assets according to your wishes expressed in the will.

Want To Know How Long After Probate To Sell House? Read

A majority of estate holders in Canada do not know how long after probate to sell a house. We do not blame them; the law is indeed a bit confusing when selling a house after probate. Are you also someone who is wondering how long after probate can I sell a house? Let us hold

Best Negotiating Tips For Home Sellers For Higher Prices!

Do you like to bargain? Or are you one of those people who pay the asking price? Unfortunately, not all people are gifted negotiators, and it is a difficult skill to acquire. It is even more critical when it comes to the real estate business. Home sellers have to be sharp and develop a selling

Points to ponder on how to find a buyer for my house

Do you live in Canada, smart homeowners who wish to sell their home fast do not leave things to chance in the real estate market. Have you decided to sell your home and have done a lot of work to improve its curb appeal and make it marketable. However, there is something that most sellers

Your Complete Guide: To Sell My Home In Canada

Are you planning to sell your house in Canada? Then go through the step by step guide below that walks you through the entire process. Choose a real estate agent. While many would want to sell their home themselves, it is worth hiring a real estate agent to carry out the house selling process. This

5 Tips and tricks for selling your home within 90 days

We have got you covered: Selling your home is no joke, as anyone who has tried selling it for the first time will tell you. You have to do tons of cleaning and maintenance work apart from the elaborate paperwork that can easily give anyone sleepless nights. If you are overwhelmed with the job at

Sell home in Canada: Things to know.

Selling a home can be a big step – you are not only giving away property; you are giving away your emotions and years of hard work. Hence, you must take your steps responsibly while doing so. It is easy to get whimsical and carried out when you sell home, but it is essential to

First-hand guide to how to find a buyer for my house

If you wish to sell your home, then the idea is to have a large buyer pool. The larger your list of potential buyers, the higher your chances of selling your home and getting a good offer. Consider the factors If you are wondering how to find a buyer for my house, you need to

The Best Tips For Selling Your Home Fast In Canada

The demand for housing is still skyrocketing in Canada, but there are times when you notice houses sitting in the market for a long time. In general, one month is the ideal time in which your home should sell. If your home is on the market for over three months or if you cannot close

Tips For Selling Your Home Alone In Canada

Selling your home alone is an alternative when you wish to avoid the real estate commission cost. The selling of a home has changed in the last few decades, especially after the technological boom and the free accessibility of the internet. There has been a change in the trend of how buyers look for information

Choose How You Wish To Sell Your Own Home Canada

A home sale is not easy, but if you do your homework well and take the help of a reputed real estate association CREA, then the entire process becomes a cakewalk for you. Selling your home can be done in two ways. You may either wish to sell it privately without a real estate agent’s

Hacks to: “How to sell home: no commission in Canada”

Do you intend to sell home no commission and save on the real estate cost, then we have listed the steps down for you. There are four main reasons you may want to sell your home without an agent’s help. The first and foremost are to save on the buyer s agent total commission cost.

Computing real estate agent cost to sell home in Canada

Selling a home is a big decision: The biggest chunk of your home’s sale price is likely to be the real estate agent s commission that you will pay as the seller. Selling it will take a lot of physical commitment and time.  Before you put your property on the housing markets, there is a

How Much Does a Realtor Charge to Sell a Home in Canada?

Selling your home is a big decision, and there are costs involved such as legal fees, attorney’s fee, insurance, property tax, transfer tax, etc. in getting this executed. Some homeowners prefer to get the sale done by themselves to avoid a major portion of the closing costs, which is the commission. However, in the sale

9 tips and tricks to help you sell your home quickly

Selling a house is no joke. It is a time-taking and mentally draining job. One of the pet peeves of home sellers is that no matter what improvements are made, they always fall short of the home buyers’ needs and expectations. Stay with us while we help you sell your home easily and effortlessly.  1.

Experts tell you all what to know when selling your home

As a first time home seller, you may not have any idea of what to do or what to know when selling your home. With frequency and experience, you are bound to become better at it. However, there are no two things about how many homes you sell; you need to devote it a lot

Selling your home in a buyers market

Selling your home in a buyers market can get competitive as there are many properties listed there with multiple offers, and potential buyers are continually negotiating about the same. The housing market is always brimming with new properties all the time, where each listing is trying hard to gain attention from potential buyers. The buyers

Top 4 Creative Ways To Sell Your Home Fast In The Market

The real estate market in most Canadian states is lively, and the demand for houses keeps increasing. The perfect option for homeowners who plan to relocate to Canada would be to sell their home quickly. But selling a house can turn out to be a complicated procedure. You may have to deal with – ups

Guide to what are the first steps to selling your home

Clearly put everything in black and white:  When homeowners decide to sell, the first smart thing to do is to jot down the home selling plan on a notepad. Making a mental note is not going to suffice because when you want to put up your home for sale, there will be many chores for

Wish to sell your home online? Follow this guide!

Selling your home in Canada involves lots of work. Many homeowners believe that a realtor would handle everything and that all they would be left with is to sign the papers. However, this is not the entire truth. You play a crucial role in preparing your home and making it marketable. You are the one

A homeowner’s Usual Query, “Can I Sell My Home Myself” Answered

Are you a homeowner who wants to sell the property by yourself? It is admirable, and if you don’t want to hire a real estate agent, then it is your call. However, selling your home can be challenging in more ways than one. It is time-consuming and also takes an emotional toll on you. If

Follow These Tips To Sell Homes In Edmonton Easily

Do you want to sell a home in Edmonton AB? Selling a property can be an important decision and requires a full understanding of the process. Buying or selling a house involves a lot of complex processes. Edmonton is a great place with plenty to do and see. Its natural beauty attracts people from all

When Can I Buy A House Again After Foreclosure?

After one has gone through the dreaded and nasty foreclosure experience, the thought of when can I buy a house after foreclosure may seem inappropriate. The good news is that even though your credit cards score has taken a huge hit, you are still eligible for home loans to buy a home as time passes. Your financial circumstances and your lender

A Complete Guide On How To Save Your Home From Foreclosure

It is totally on you to take the steps that are necessary to save your home from foreclosure. Staying away from huge mortgages, taking less debt, and buying an affordable home are ways to reduce the risk of facing foreclosure. It is essential to work out your finances before you purchase a home. It is

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Foreclosures in Canada

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Do you feel investing in foreclosures houses in Calgary can be a profitable option? Well, then you should be all ears and understand what is happening in the Foreclosures market in Canada. Buying foreclosures in Calgary is not a rarity; however, it may also not be all that easy to

Foreclosure to go: Everything you should know while buying a foreclosed property.

Buying a foreclosed home can be a tricky affair. Foreclosure in Canada, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia might not be that common, but it is a well-known fact that homes are quite expensive over here. Many homeowners fail to make their mortgage payments, and as a result, there is an array of foreclosure to go. 

A Glimpse of the Foreclosure Cases Won by Homeowners

Have you availed mortgage loans to acquire your dream home? Then you must read this article. A majority of the homeowners who avail mortgages are not fully aware of all the deed clauses. It is quite easy to fall prey to the foreclosure proceedings if you have not read your mortgage deed or document thoroughly.

Second mortgage foreclosure now what: Everything you need to know

Under exceptional circumstances, a property can be foreclosed by second mortgage holders. You might be wondering if you’ve had a second mortgage foreclosure now what you will do. Read on to know more about consolidating your debt with your mortgage lender.  First and Second Mortgage Foreclosures A lender initiates a legal proceeding called foreclosure when

Know all your options to stop foreclosure

If you are close to foreclosure, you must educate yourself about what you could do about pre foreclosure. Read below for some of the best options to stop foreclosure. Call up your lender Foreclosure proceedings are a costly and time-consuming process. In most cases, the lender would rather be happy working out a solution then repossess

We Tell You How To Avoid Foreclosure And Keep Your Home

If you are like other homeowners, then we know how much a home means to you. Once we sense any threat to your ownership, we are sure that you will try everything in your power to keep your home. This threat is very real when you fall behind on your mortgage payments. Foreclosure looms in

How Foreclosure Mortgage Lenders Can Help You Tide Over Crisis

Foreclosure is the legal action pursued by lenders for recovering the balance amount owed to them by the borrower. They take ownership of the foreclosed property and sell it to recover the amount or cut down their losses.  Facing foreclosure is a very emotionally draining experience for homeowners. Irrespective of the type of foreclosure –

Handle Foreclosure Impact On Credit Ratings Easily

Owning a home is a dream for many. If you are lucky enough to have a home, you don’t want to lose it. Unfortunately, this may happen if you delay or stop your mortgage payment. Losing a home is never easy and has both financial as well as psychological implications. However, even worse is the

How To Buy A Foreclosure Without Cash – Read This Guide To Know More

Buying a foreclosed home in today’s depressed economy is an excellent idea. You can either renovate the home and live in it or sell it for a big profit. Either way, it is a great deal. But one of the problems that people face while trying to seize this opportunity is cash. Most people do

Foreclosure Mortgage Loans

People are emotionally bound to their homes. However, if you have taken a mortgage for the house, you have to be regular with the payments. What to do when you are in financial trouble? The foreclosure process can become a tough reality if you miss out on the payments. As a homeowner, you must fight

Look For Grants To Avoid Foreclosure

Your home is probably more than a mere shelter for you and your loved ones. The emotional cost of such an asset is much more than its financial cost. However, when there is financial hardship, paying the mortgage on time is very tough. There are many reasons people cannot pay the mortgage on time and

Foreclosure Or Bankruptcy? The Choice Ahead

Are you facing foreclosure on your property? A foreclosure happens when you cannot keep up with mortgage payments, and the lender takes over the ownership of your home or real estate. Why you are unable to meet the terms of the lender could be due to multiple reasons. However, the reasons are not very important,

Do you Know The Legal Process of Foreclosure Takes How long?

Mortgages are, no doubt, the most common and sought-after way of owning the home of your dreams. However, you would also want to know more about the legal side of it before you avail of home mortgages.  Will the legal process of foreclosure be initiated if I default a monthly payment? How much time do

Judicial Foreclosure Alberta – What To Expect And What You Can Do

The rules governing the judicial foreclosure Alberta may appear to be quite complicated to a common man. Yet, if you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the foreclosure process to understand your options. So let us start from the beginning: What is foreclosure? Foreclosure is how the lenders try

Can A Lawyer Stop A Foreclosure? Here are the facts you must know!

Dealing with an imminent foreclosure can be a challenging and stressful situation. Thus, it is a good idea to hire the services of foreclosure attorneys. Apart from lending a helping hand, they can also offer you valuable information abouthow can a lawyer stop a foreclosure.  Although coming up with the attorney’s fees when you are

Get House Out Of Foreclosure

FORECLOSURE ON HOUSE; WHAT HAPPENS Many people wonder why they were careless enough to allow their homes to get into foreclosure despite having done the necessary things and ensuring that they escape the foreclosure process. Other times, this development is because they were just so careless that they never thought things could go that bad.

Ways to Stop Foreclosure in Calgary, Alberta

Are you facing foreclosure? We can help! What to do when facing foreclosure or how to stop pre foreclosure from a mortgage company? Several home buyers often feel that it is the end of the road when they are handed over a foreclosure notice. However, this is not true! Relax as you still have a

Can I still sell my house in foreclosure?

When someone buys a property, it is obvious that they buy it with a lot of hopes and dreams etched in their minds. Hence, when they get into rough tides, and the inevitable happens, their property gets seized by your lenders. But, there is definitely a buffer period before it is time to sell their

Can you stop a foreclosure in Calgary?

Many people ask us: “Can you stop foreclosure in Calgary?” The answer is definitely, “Yes.” Let’s get into some details to understand the nature of foreclosure better and review your options. Foreclosure process The foreclosure process could easily be the most complicated yet, the simplest thing you can get involved in, especially if you live

Finding Your Home’s Value Online

Online Tools for Determining the Value of Your Home Do you ever wonder how much your home is worth in today’s market? Apart from the fact that your home provides your family with a place to live, it is also an important part of your financial plan as well. There are many reasons why knowing

Home Value and Pricing Strategy

When selling your house, the first question you likely have in mind is “what’s the value of my home?” Whether you are hoping to sell your home or are curious to know whether your real estate investment has risen in value, having an accurate estimate of your home’s market value is essential. There are a

Property Value in Calgary

Each year, The City of Calgary provides property assessments to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of property taxes. A property assessment is based on your property’s estimated market value or the amount it likely would’ve sold for as of July 1 of the previous year. This value is derived from an evaluation of

House Value Estimate Guide

If you have no idea how to determine the current market value of your home, you’re not alone. Learn how to determine your home’s value with this guide. What Is My Home Worth? Your House Value Estimate Guide Are you thinking about selling your house soon? Do you plan on gauging whether your home has

How To Determine Your Home Value

What is my Home Value? Whether you are looking to sell your home, buy a home, refinance, assess your annual property taxes, or are attempting to gain a picture of your overall financial health, knowing your home’s value will better prepare you for these endeavours. What determines the value of my home? The long answer

COVID-19 UPDATE: Is Bridgedale Home Buyers still buying houses?

YES, we are. Much has changed in Calgary’s real estate market place over the last few weeks, given the impacts of COVID-19 and oil prices. Many home buying companies have stopped buying houses given the uncertainty, with Realtor related sales plunging – all this is having a detrimental impact to real estate values. What does

We Buy Ugly Houses With Complaints – How Is It Possible?

Nobody wishes to be stuck in an ugly house for long. Everyone wishes and longs for a change. Wondering if this is even possible without spending $1000s on renovations and fees? Yes. Let’s find out how it is done and the benefits that come with this process. Introducing House Flipping House flipping is a real

Working With Companies That Buy Ugly Houses

Gone are the times where you had to toil hard to renovate a house in bad condition to sell it. Today, several companies are ready to buy ugly houses and that too for a reasonable deal. Take Bridgedale Home Buyers, for example. We pay cash for an ugly home and make it easy to sell your property quickly. Who

Who Will Buy An Ugly House?

If you drive around any town in Canada, you will notice signs with “we buy ugly homes” or “we buy houses for cash.” Who are these that are ready to buy an ugly house? Are they crazy? No, not at all! The organization behind these signboards are astute businessmen looking for a good deal. They

Sell My Ugly House Fast – How To Sell It Fast Without Wiping Your Wallet Clean?

Have an ugly house that you wish to sell, but it requires lots of repair work to be done? The roof is falling apart. The overall interiors are thoroughly dilapidated. The truth is your entire house needs a makeover! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to sell your house! With just a few touch-ups, you

What Should You Know About Selling Ugly Houses?

Gone are the times when the only thing you could do with an old, falling-apart house was to demolish it. If you thought your old house was to bring you a considerable loss, think again! There are some companies now that come forward to buy ugly houses or houses that are in poor condition. Bridgedale

The Average Kitchen Remodel

The average kitchen remodel costs $11,000 . No need to go through the hassle of remodelling give us a call we buy houses as-is.

Cash Offer

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We Buy Houses In Any Price Range

We buy houses in any price range – any condition – any location in the Calgary / Edmonton area!

How to Find and Choose Companies That Buy Houses

If you feel as though no one wants to buy your home due to its location, its current condition or other factors, think again! There are companies that specialize in buying homes that need work and even those that face

Should I Sell My House Privately?

Many who are interested in selling their home ask the question, “Should I sell my house privately?” Asking yourself this question is extremely prudent. In fact, this option should be strongly considered by homeowners. Let’s take a look at why you might want to opt to sell your home privately. Should You Pay Real Estate