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Sandy B. and Betty H.

Why did you choose Bridgedale Home Buyers?

I was going on facebook and I was looking and they came up so I text them and they give me a call and that was awesome.

Describe your overall experience with Bridgedale Home Buyers

I have one word: awesome.

Would you recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers to other home owners?

Yes, I would I've already have.

Mike H.

Why did you choose Bridgedale Home Buyers?

After the death of my wife (...) I had a call through to my firm from Bridgedale and I though what do I have to loose so I contacted them

Describe your overall experience with Bridgedale Home Buyers

I found Sameer to be very honest, with integrity. He told me what I needed to know. He didn't sugarcoat anything. So, yeah, he did a fantastic job.

Would you recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers to other home owners?

Yes, of course, they were wonderful. (...) it is a real thumbs up for Bridgedale .

Denise T.

Why did you choose Bridgedale Home Buyers?

I choose Bridgedale Home Buyers for the fact that my ex husband have just passed away.

Describe your overall experience with Bridgedale Home Buyers

My overall experience has been just absolutely amazing. (...) Sameer couldn't have been better to deal with. He was definitely honest and the appraisal that he gave on the house was fantastic.

Would you recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers to other home owners?

Definitely I would recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers. (...) if you need to sell a house and you want to have a fair value. The process is super simple and very very stress free.

Linda F.

Why did you choose Bridgedale Home Buyers?

Mainly because I didn't know what I was doing. I've never sold a home before and I was all by myself.

Describe your overall experience with Bridgedale Home Buyers

Excellent. I could asked for better people to work with. Actually I felt like I was part of the family. They took me under their wing.

Would you recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers to other home owners?

Definitely. I already have.

Kris B.

I chose them because I had a realtor come to my house first and he showed me what my house is worth, told me his commissions, I did the math, I looked at the time. I needed to sell my house.

People need to sell their house whatever the reason is, I'll tell you one thing, “I would recommend Bridgedale, because I got out, I got my money and I don't feel like I really lost anything, I actually gained because now I no longer have that house and I don't have to deal with that else.

Anyways, I definitely recommend Bridgedale, thank you!

Toncho C.

Service, communication and outcome were absolutely flawless. Sameer's forthcoming, no frills approach to the process and the follow up was exemplary. I'll happily recommend Bridgedale Home Buyers to anyone!

Maria W.

I was in difficult time when my co-signor wants her name out of my mortgage. The bank couldn't approve me because of my annual salary is low. I saw this hanger flyer in my mailbox which is the bridgedale home buyers and checked it right away in bbb if they are really legit. Phone them and the next day Sameer checked the house and explained to me everything. He was very helpful and easy to dealt. It was an easy process and hassle free. Thank you Sameer and Team Bridgedale

Paul B.

Selling my home was a very difficult, but necessary decision. Sameer and the team at Bridgedale were very accommodating, knowledgeable and genuine. He facilitated the sale of my home in a matter of days and was very thoughtful and open throughout the process. A major life event was made easier knowing I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Bridgedale for those in a similar situation. Thanks Sameer!

Rory B.

My wife and myself found ourselves in the situation of having to sell our house. We felt we could not use conventional method of sale. So after getting one of those door hanger things from Bridgedale we called them. They sent Sameer to work with us. this process started August 16 of this year and was closed completely today August 17. Sameer went way above, to ensure we knew what was happening and what the procedure was to accomplish this task. He treated us with respect, and care. We felt extrememly comfortable with the process, due to Sammer's constant help. He worked with us to ensure we understood all processes, and when things did not go exactly as he planned then he went the extra mile to ensure that his word would not be broken in any way. And he did not belay any promises made to us. He is the best person to deal with. And if you get one of those hangers, keep it you may appreciate it later.

Bonnie S.

Ali Mawani is excellent. He is very well organized and very knowledgeable about the real estate market. He certainly knows how to market in order to sell your home. . Explained every question we asked. Ali genuinely cares about us and ensures confidence. We would highly recommend Ali. We have dealt with realtors in the past Ali could teach them how clients should be treated in a professional and courteous manner. We wish Ali all the best in the future. Sincerely Bonnie and Jeff

Andrei S.

We recently sold our family home to Bridgedale and it worked out GREAT ! The sale was conducted in a prompt and highly professional manner with complete transparency and no needless bureaucracy . Would gladly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell a home .

Munish M.

It was really awsome to see many professional working together that makes your experince outstanding, speedy service and quick decision making abilities....

Valerie W.

Bridgedale home buyers are honest, reliable and compassionate. They also gave me more for my house than other buyers offered. We had a very unique situation and Sameer got it done on time and letting us know what was happening step by step. I would recommend talking to them before any other!

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