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What Should You Know About Selling Ugly Houses?

Gone are the times when the only thing you could do with an old, falling-apart house was to demolish it. If you thought your old house was to bring you a considerable loss, think again! There are some companies now that come forward to buy ugly houses or houses that are in poor condition.

buy ugly houses or houses that are in poor condition

Bridgedale Home Buyers is one such option to go to when you have an ugly house to sell.

cash for ugly house in Calgary

Key Is To Find The Right Buyer

  • Many companies bring a cash offer to purchase an ugly home. These companies buy houses for cash from the homeowners and then spend some money on renovation and finally resell them.
  • There are real estate investors who might be willing to work on challenging projects. They pick such houses in poor condition provided there is some value to the land on which the house is located. The other reason could be the location of the property and the profitable real estate scenario there.
  • If you are looking to sell your house fast, then companies like Bridgedale Home Buyers come into the picture. If you are willing to sell your home for cash, then you can check how much the companies have to offer. If the offer meets your list price expectation, most deals can be closed within a week!
  • Finally, some adventurous home buyers are passionate about buying properties in poor condition and then flipping them. They work on the purchased houses themselves and sell them after renovation.

budget to handle repairs or renovations before selling the house

The actual price bargain depends on whether you choose an individual buyer for selling your house privately or a real estate firm.

cash offer to purchase an ugly home

Do a Little Makeover, But Don’t Spend Too Much

A small change in the house can lead to a good boost in its value. The condition could be bad; however, if you can play with the aesthetics a bit, you can increase the chances of raising the selling price. Instead of focusing solely on a quick sale, you could spend a few days and work on changing some aspects like the siding or exterior paintwork.

sell ugly house for cash

The type of buyer you plan to work with also impacts the kind of changes that would stand out. Spending money on exterior paint might not be useful if you sell the property to an investor who might end up knocking down a few walls or altering the structure. A buyer who decides to flip the house might be happy if the exterior paint job is lifted off their shoulders.

looking to sell your house fast in Calgary, AB

List The Highlights Of The House

Even a house that is in bad shape might have something good about it, a trait that makes it worth the purchase. Therefore, when you sell your house, you should be focused on the strengths of the house.

sell ugly house quickly for cash

Think from a buyer’s point and highlight the house’s strengths. This can make the renovation expenses on the house feel like a worthy investment to make. For example, the flooring in the house might be in a pathetic condition needing replacement.

sell ugly house that need renovation for cash in Calgary

However, the walls and the roof might be looking brand new. Know what you might focus on as a homebuyer, and you are likely to look at the strong points and highlight them in the offer.

quick sale of an ugly house

Approach a Real Estate Agent In Canada

The agent can help you get the best offer and close the deal within a short period of time. The agent can also help you with the paperwork. These benefits make up for the extra costs you might face while selling the property.

selling an ugly house is not a difficult

They can also work on ways to increase the final price to bring you a good offer for the house no matter what the condition is. Lastly, the agent can help and connect you with the right type of buyer and therefore make the sale happen faster.

We also pay closing costs for ugly houses in Calgary Alberta

we buy houses even if it is in bad shape

Contact Bridgedale Home Buyers

When you sell your property to the companies that offer cash for houses, like ours, one huge benefit is that you can sell your house “as is.”

selling your ugly house or a real estate firm in Calgary, AB

you can sell your house as is for cash in Calgary

You do not have to make even the tiniest of changes to close the deal. We give you an offer based on the condition and the kind of repairs needed. We also pay closing costs. To simplify the process, many sellers choose this option to sell the house in bad condition quickly.

What should you know about selling ugly house in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For some, it is because of the lack of time, and for the others, it is because of the need for quick cash. Many do not have the budget to handle repairs or renovations before selling the house.

ugly house sell for cash fast

who does buy ugly house in Calgary, Alberta

Whatever your excuse is, know that selling an “ugly” house is not a difficult job any longer. What are you waiting for? Call us on 403-280-3300 and get the best cash offer, whatever be the condition of your house!

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