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Your Complete Guide: To Sell My Home In Canada

To sell my home, legally transfer the property following these steps

Are you planning to sell your house in Canada? Then go through the step by step guide below that walks you through the entire process.

Choose a real estate agent.

While many would want to sell their home themselves, it is worth hiring a real estate agent to carry out the house selling process. This saves them from the time consuming process of marketing the property. The agent can help to attract buyers to your property through the multiple listing service. They would advertise your property and meet the buyers face to face to market your property to them.

When you sell your home, you will need to sign a contract with the real estate agents. This is the listing agreement. The deal will list all the agreements for sale. The contract is binding for the decided period, after which both parties are free.

Determine the price of the listing

The listing of the price is the starting point of the property sale. If the selling price is wrong, then this can be the cause of failure. Sellers may overestimate the price for your home because there is a personal value attached to it, along with the market value. However, it is essential to assess the right listing price at par with the market price else the home buyers may shy away from the purchase.

Prepare the property for sale.

The next stage of selling a home is to get the property marketable and ready for sale for the one who is planning on buying houses. You would want to get your home inspected for the same. There could be repairs and alteration of the outer space to make the property more appealing to the buyer. The first impression counts, so it is essential to do some cosmetic repairs to the home.

Have a clear cut sales strategy

Are you planning to sell your home? Then you need to have some promotional content and have a sales strategy in place. People should be aware that you are selling your home. 

Determine the potential buyers and the social group who would be interested in buying your home. Find ways to convey the sale to the target clients. Promotional content should be informative, visually appealing, and concise. The potential buyers would be more interested in the property that has just been listed. If the home has been listed for long, then this raises questions about its worthiness. Your aim should be to sell the house fast.

Negotiate with the buyer

Once your property has attracted potential buyers, then you need to start the negotiation process. The buyer first has to prepare an offer and decide on the sale price. You are free to accept, reject, or make amendments to the proposal. Once you come up with your clauses, the buyer is free to ask for changes in it. The idea is to come up with something that both parties agree upon. In the worst-case scenario, the transaction could get rejected.

The final stage- The transaction

Once both the parties come to a conclusion and agree to the terms of the contract, you can sell your home and conclude the transaction. The acceptance of the offer is entered in the agreement with the exact time and date and is signed by the parties that the terms have been accepted. The buyer will usually make a down payment at this stage.

The contract signing date and the formal transfer takes around 60 to 90 days. During this time, both the seller and the buyer will carry out the necessary checks and then sign the legal paper to sell the house in Calgary, which concludes the sale officially.

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